family tents

You are probably a big fan of camping. It is no coincidence that your family also love camping. So as a family, you decide to organize a week-long camp in one of the best camping sites located in the countryside. As any normal camper would do, you come up with a packing list. You then realize that the important item is missing! Yes, you got it right – the family tent. You don’t want to ruin the big day and therefore you go out of your way to search for the best family tent in the market.

Because the sole purpose of the family tent that you are looking for is camping, it then becomes easy to decide on the type of tent you are going to purchase. But then, you need to take into consideration the kind of camping or hiking that you are going to be doing. Consider whether you are also going to take part in additional activities such as mountaineering. The current weather pattern is also key in determining the kind of tent you are going to purchase. Is it the winter, summer, autumn or spring? Are you going on a cold weather hiking’?

family tents

Quality comes at a cost. It is, therefore, incumbent that you avoid purchasing discounted tents made from low-quality materials which may seem to enable you to save some few greenbacks in the short term. In the long run, these tents may end up failing you at the most unexpected time hence making you to spend more money than anticipated in terms of replacement costs. Therefore, it is your responsibility to look for quality in terms of durability when purchasing a family tent. Besides the quality, you need to consider the pricing and budget for the tent, the portability of the tent and also the ease of use Moreover, the tents capacity is important. This is determined by the size of your family. Also, the room size needs to be spacious enough and at the same time, it needs to give consideration to privacy.

Some of the best family tents available in the market that are suitable for camping include the Gelert horizon 8, Soulpad 5000 Lite, Kampa South Wold 8 tent and the Outwell Alabama 7P tent. However, there are many more family tents available for camping that come in different makes and shapes. The general rule of the thumb, however, is that the preferred tent needs to fulfill your preferences and at the same time fit your budget. Happy family camping!!

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is the place with so much of diversity and it has got a better width too. This place has got about 17,000 islands in it. All these islands obviously have got something for fancying you. More than these islands there are certain places in Indonesia which are really awesome for you to visit. These places have got some good amount of things which you can be engaged in and thus make your free time really great and awesome.

JakartaIt is the place that has much to offer. Your travel can be nothing and will not be complete if you are not getting into the congested and hectic city. When you are visiting this place you can really have a great time. It is also a place which is also called as airport hub and has got many airlines there towards various parts of world.



You should explore the narrow valleys and also the main street of this place where you can find so many food vendors, puppet makers and silversmiths. The food. People and culture of Indonesia can be known from close if you are visiting this place. This is the place that is considered as the hub for culture and history of Indonesia. You can find so many great temples here which include the Prambanan and Borobudur. Both these temples represent two different religions which are Buddhism and Hinduism.


Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo that is situated in the Bromo Tengger Semeru- National park is another awesome site which you should not miss. It is the place that has got dormant and active volcanoes over there. You can visit the place by hiring a jeep or by riding on a horse. It is awesome to watch sun rising from the top of this mountain.


Lake Toba
This lake is regarded as largest volcanic lake in whole world. It can be really awesome to spend some time here. It is quite and serene place which can attract you with it’s beauty. You can have a great time visiting this place. It can be really awesome to visit this place after going for a trekking or such hard stuff.


Bali is the place which has got nature reside in it. It can be awesome to enjoy on the beaches of Bali, trekking across these volcanoes and also to have fun in this place. You can really have an awesome time at the place for the partying and also night clubs are very active in the place. Make sure you book your private accommodation on


This is the popular destination which you can find in the area names Nusa Tenggara which is also called as Gili islands. It is a great place for all those who love mountains and water. If you are adventurous then trekking at Gunung Rinjani or surfing the coast of with great waves can be great for you. It is the place that has got much to provide you. Indonesia is the place that provides you with so much of fun. You can have a magnificent time in this place if you are interested in adventures.

What you can not miss in Thailand

Thailand attracts more tourists than any of the countries in Southeast Asia. It’s a destination that has everything: beautiful beaches, impressive culture, ruins and temples, real relics of long gone kingdoms, unexpected culinary tastes and oriental hospitality.”Thai” means “freedom” in the local language, and Thailand “country of freedom” or “the land of the free ones. If you take early a flight ticket for a holiday in Thailand, the prices are very attractive! Here you can relax on white sandy beaches, washed by crystal clear ocean or you can go in search of adventure. Great Andaman Islands offer a fantastic “field” for all scuba diving enthusiasts.

What to see in Thailand

If you arrive in Thailand, you cannot miss these attractions. This country has several “must see” objectives.

Ko Tarutao is one of the 51 islands that belong to the Tarutao National Marine Park. One of the most beautiful attractions of island is the wildlife: turtles, whales, lizards, macaque monkeys, deer and stags. Compared to other Andaman islands, Ko Tarutao is not suitable for snorkeling, but its deserted beaches, waterfalls, mountain trails and wonderful sights make you want to come back to this place.

Ko Chang-Gulf Islands are perfect for a family trip. The adventurers will definitely want to see the wildlife in Koh Phangan, and the drivers should not miss Ko Tao. The island has a wildlife composed of exotic birds, snakes, deer and elephants. In the last 10 years, Ko Chang has turned into a major tourist attraction and although it is quieter than Phuket and Ko Samui, it is a destination not to be missed. Whatever you want from your holiday, Thailand offers the perfect mix of nature, beach, relaxation, fun and local color.

The Pagoda Pra Pathom Chedi is the tallest Buddhist monument in the world and it has a length of about 1,000 years. You will be able to admire the trained elephants and the traditional Thai dances.

The Wat Pho Temple (Temple of Reclining Buddha) is located behind the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and it is the largest temple in Bangkok . It is called so because here is the giant statue of Reclining Buddha, a gold plated statue, 15 meters high and 46 meters length.

The Grand Palace is one of the most visited locations in Bangkok. It is a complex of temples, palaces and official buildings. The main building dates from 1782 and has hosted the royal house of Thailand for over 150 years. In the early twentieth century, the complex has played an important role for the Thai government. contains the royal court and administrative contained the royal court and administrative buildings.

Pattaya is the first city, the closest to Bangkok, where you can find that nightlife that you have heard. It is filled with all sorts of crazy clubs, women and colorful cocktails .Here are open all night bazaars, thai massage parlors that works non-stop, women for all tastes and budgets at every street corner and a lot of local shops or real malls.Pattaya can be the perfect place to ‘taste’ Thailand, but also to fill your suitcases with nice things at good prices.

Phuket Here everything is at maximum intensity. If you want to see what means the word for Asians, Phuket is the perfect place. In addition, the beaches are incredible and seemingly detached from paradise. Besides this, the hospitality of the people is fantastic. You are welcomed with open arms and you receive impeccable services. As I said … the tourist is a king.

Thailand is blessed with such a rich nature so, it can satisfy the tastes of everyone. Hundreds of islands, thousand miles of beaches and millions of hectares of tropical and subtropical forests make the “land of orchids” a tourist destination. Besides the wonderful scenery, Thailand is a wonderland for all budgets.

The Best Thai Foods

Thai foods are characterized with flavors that savor sweet, salty and relatively hot which makes the cuisine far much more deliciously distinct as compared to many dishes. Besides, chefs in Thai are amazingly talented at fuming foreign recipes into their own styles as it is in the case of the noodle dishes. Apart from the noodle dishes, there are other dishes like papaya salad, the Thai green curry, and the delicious tom yam. Below are samples of the best Thai foods for you.

  1. The Kuay Tiew

This is a Thai noodle soup that is quick and easily made. This noodle soup can be made and served in many ways depending on the ingredients used to do a particular recipe. The thin but broad noodles are mostly served with chicken, seafood, duck, pork and a host of meat types. This is one of the most delicious Thai foods that you ought to try out.

  1. Ged Med Ma Moung

This Thai recipe is made of grilled or roast chicken meat, roast cashew nuts, garlic spice, sweetening honey and the sweet flavored soy sauce. You will definitely love it especially with an added chili touch! Besides, the cashew nuts are Thai indigenous which ensures you experience a natural Thai taste in this delicious cuisine.

  1. Kho Man Gai

Thai rice served with Thai boiled chicken. The chicken is boiled in reasonable amount of water to a tender soft meat. Then the chicken is taken off and its flavored soup-like water is used to cook the rice. This delicious and high cholesterol Thai dish is served with spicy and sweet sauces alongside the chicken soup. This cuisine is perfectly replaceable with the English fish and chips and does fine as light food during day.

  1. Tom Yam Goong

Considered the national food identity of Thailand, Tom Yam Goong is served in the form of mushroom and shrimps. Its recipe incorporates the lime greens, aromatic shallots, the lemon grass and more so the galangal. This is a spice combination that gives a true Thai cuisine experience with fish sauce and chili as topping flavors.

  1. Messaman Curry

This is a Thai recipe that has a mixture of bay leaves, potatoes, sugar, coconut milk, cinnamon, roast peanuts and the famous tamarind sauce. This dish derived its name from the Muslim community in which the original cuisine emanates. The curry is mostly made of chicken meat, beef as well as pork.

  1. Khao Phad

Khao Phad is Thai’s fried rice cuisine usually eaten with eggs, shrimp and or the most preferred chicken meat. Its recipe includes tomatoes, garlic, onions, and cilantro. This Thai food may just look like a huge chunk of rice to many, but its component ingredients gives it a special nutrient touch that is worth trying. Besides, you can top it up with thick chili sauce to augment the taste.